Ambitious Development Vision For Dublin Street Lands Presented To Town Council

7 January 2011 One Comment by The Northern Standard

Lands located to the north east of Dublin Street in Monaghan Town could be utilised to create “a new impetus for commercial activity in the town over the next ten years”, according to a draft Local Area Action Plan, or LAAP, presented to the December meeting of Monaghan Town Council by Monaghan Co Council planners Adrian Hughes and Toirleach Gourley.
Under the plan a new street – developed on the at present unutilised land behind Dublin Street – would link Old Cross Square with The Diamond and provide the focal point for a variety of residential, commercial and social developments.
Mr Gourley in his outline of the plan to the members stated that it was intended to stimulate the organised redevelopment of back lands in the Dublin Street area to create another major focal space for the town in addition to The Diamond and Old Cross Square.
Council members agreed to submit the draft proposals for public consultation.
Mr Gourley said this area of the town centre had significant development potential, but was likely to remain undeveloped in the absence of the planning authority preparing a comprehensive, detailed plan.
He stated that the intention was to create a framework plan to promote the area as a vibrant living and working community, allowing for redevelopment of back lands in a comprehensive fashion by creating access and linkages for circulation around the town, whilst protecting and preserving the area’s distinctive character, heritage and amenity.
Full report in The Northern Standard

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  • Eoin Mac Cinna said:

    A Chara,

    I think that in the current economic climate this is a waste of time. This plan has been talked about for years and nothing has been done about it.Has the Town Council forgotten about “Court House Canyon” at the rear of the Credit Union???? This was meant to be a development of car park spaces and commercial units (built on a swamp) and it turned into a white elephant.
    Don’t get me wrong.I would like to see the rear of Dublin Street developed but I don’t know what shops could open there.A lot of commercial units in Dublin Street seem to be closed and if not, chances are that they are housing a fast food take away.The only benefit of getting the back of Dublin Street developed in this climate would be that the builders would be a lot cheaper!!

    Is mise, le meas

    Eoin Mac Cinna