Monaghan’s “hole in the ground” to be filled in

22 December 2010 13 Comments by The Northern Standard

The site of the stalled mixed use development project in the centre of Monaghan Town is to be filled in and restored to use as a car-parking area, Sinn Féin TD for Cavan/Monaghan Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin confirmed to The Northern Standard yesterday following meetings which his party colleague, Monaghan Co and Town Councillor Sean Conlon, and himself have held with project developers P Clarke & Sons Limited.

Deputy Ó Caoláin said he had received correspondence from the Clarke Group confirming that work will take place over the coming months to fill in and restore the car-park area, providing 228 car parking spaces, and this had also been confirmed to him by company director Tommy Clarke.

In a statement to The Northern Standard, Deputy Ó Caoláin said he understood the work would take into the summer, as it required the transportation of tens of tonnes of rock infill and other related site work.
The restoration will also entail the removal of the crane and the boundary hoarding, the black-topping and lining of the area, the provision of lighting and a safety rail along two sides of the site.

“It is regrettable that due to the economic downturn no alternative now presents,” the SF Dáil leader commented.
“I did, with others, exhaust several lines of enquiry in the hope that the original project, or a section of it, could yet be saved.

“Sadly, that was not to be. Better times, in the years before us, might permit some revisitation of the plan.”
Deputy Ó Caoláin expressed appreciation to the Clarkes Group for their willingness to accept the situation now presenting and their undertaking to take the action outlined. He also acknowledged the role that Colr Sean Conlon had played in the discussions that had taken place with the group.

“The restoration of this car park facility will be welcome news for all located in close proximity to what has become known as ‘the hole in the ground’, and to all of us who have pride in our county town.”

The SF TD added that restoring the integrity of the area would give adjacent businesses the opportunity not just to survive but to thrive.

He said that Colr Conlon and himself in their discussions with the group had been very conscious of the negative impact which the current state of the development was having not just on Dublin Street and the Shopping Centre area of the town, but on public morale and pride throughout the town in general. It had to be acknowledged, however, that there was a need for the restoration works to be carried out thoroughly and that this would take a period of time, he added.

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  • milkchurns said:

    well done. how much is that going to cost?????? should of left it alone in the first place yous pack of bright sparks.

  • Eoin Mac Cinna said:

    You could tank the bottom of it and install a few water slides….take on Funtasia as a water park!!!!

  • Diarmuid Mckenna said:

    Can they not just complete it to ground level and car park over so that when further funds come along it can be finished rather than digging it all out again ?

  • Frank said:

    How about filling it in with that hideous shopping centre across the road. Why can’t we build streets anymore? Why does everything have to be under a big roof? Streets behind doors!

  • PennyRich said:

    It’s not a bad burial ground…for a mass amount of politicians…if you catch my drift.

    But the smell might be a little off-putting.

    To be a bit more serious, yes, this is scandalous and disgusting, though the roundabout they put up to distract us from the “hole” isn’t much better.

  • Steve Latenne said:

    I’ll believe it when I see it, I can foresee people telling their disbelieving grand children years from now about how they remember when Monaghan town was sans hole!

  • Gerry Finnegan said:

    Hi Folks.
    Try the following with this construction site.
    find out total cost of filling it in?
    Im sure it will cost as much to fill it with rock filling as it would be to shutter and concrete the complete boundry, as concrete at presant is very reasonable and labour cheap.
    to listen to all our poticail personals, there is going to be a water shortage, can this project not be a ideal site for storing water with the sysyem of the fiber water blocks, and then use hardcore filling and tarmac on top,this water then could be treated and pumped around the local area at so much per 1000l of water used im also sure there is spring water rising in it.

  • concerned said:

    why not turn it into a carpark with two or three levels that way it would pay for the outlay involved

  • eddie hamill said:

    i didn’t realize the ‘hole’ was to be filled in. who came to this decision and who was consulted before making such a decision. the council have proven to be incapable of making such a decision. i would have liked to see a local ‘referendum , on this or at least a public consultation on same. perhaps there was and i missed it if so ,well .icould it have been used as a flood relief system ,i’m not an engineer so i wouldn’t know but has anyone thaught of this.

  • Paul McPhillips said:

    Maybe Mr.Nelson can donate his generous pension to the funds required to fill in his handiwork.

  • McTavish said:

    Well now… the only suprise, which is no suprise considering that this is Ireland, the land of Saints and Scholars,is that they (who ever they are?)have taken so long to decide to fill the hole in…

    And we might ask our politico’s and county council decison makers (including those above who are taking the credit and celebrating with a load of fan-fare for getting the hole filled in not much cause for back-slapping really) to make temselves accountable for this fiasco…but no this is Ireland the land of Saints and Scholars…

  • Adrian Malone said:

    All digging that hole ever did was cut Dublin Street off from the main business and commercial district of the town ie. Monaghan Shopping Centre hence why so many places closed up and are boarded on Dublin Street and why there is nothing happened there anymore…theyve now given McNally Construction the contract to refill the hole for 10 million…Is that the biggest joke you have ever heard in your entire life??is there any chance that they might bury some of the idiots ideas in the landfill that were that idiotic to take on as stupid crazy egotistical arrogant mindless project like this in the first place and tell them to clear their desks in the council and head up to coolshannagh to sign on and give some of the ones that want to work who are sitting round at the dole office right now a chance and put them in some of them into the highest offices in the council who would do a better job with their eyes closed and their hands tied behind their back on some work experience for the COMMUNITY EMPLOYMENT SCHEME

  • Steve Latenne said:

    Still waiting for work to start on this several years later. You wouldn’t want to hold your breath waiting on this handless shower to get their backsides in gear.