Castle Leslie denies McCartney Beckham investment claim

5 November 2010 No Comments by The Northern Standard

A spokeswoman for Castle Leslie has rubbished tabloid reports that Paul McCartney and David Beckham have teamed up to buy a chunk of the luxury Glaslough estate — but has admitted that “no publicity is bad publicity”, as the castle has received hundreds of phone calls from media outlets and others since the claim was made by New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams.

In her column this Monday, the glitzy, 80-year-old Manhattan-based celebrity correspondent claimed that Beatles legend McCartney was now a “part owner” of the famed historical estate, and that soccer ace David Beckham had also “invested in the joint”.

But she didn’t know how much  money the pair had put into the alleged venture: “How much they shoved in, who knows? Put it this way, each owns his own turret.”

When “Sir Paul” was planning his ill-fated wedding to socialite charity campaigner Heather Mills in 2002, Adams was credited as being among the first to break the news that the 17th-century Monaghan estate was to be the venue.

But Castle Leslie’s Sales and Marketing Manager Derval White yesterday told the Northern Standard that the new claim — which has been carried by the media all around the US, UK and Europe — was “totally untrue”.

Describing the claims as “way off the mark”, she said the castle had been inundated with “about 900 phone calls” ever since the story took wing.

But while she was emphatic that there wasn’t a word of truth in the rumour, Ms White accepted that there was no such thing as bad publicity.

The Castle Leslie representative also admitted that the whole thing had caused quite a buzz among the staff — quipping that if there had been any truth at all in it, the girls would have had to starve themselves to compete with Posh!

Whatever about the accuracy of her assertions, Ms Adams’s description of the Leslie estate certainly does it no harm: “In Glaslough there exists small, glorious, antique-filled Castle Leslie and — since some accommodations include pull-chain toilets — the place probably predates sundials.”

But after that the piece seems to heap more praise on its author than anything else. “Back when Paul McCartney married his adored Heather, the ceremony was at Castle Leslie. I know because it was then my exclusive story. I listed the menu, guests, their rooms,” according to Ms Adams.

She ends with the following flourish: “I now report Paul is its new part owner. He’s invested in the joint. Also David Beckham. How much they shoved in, who knows? Put it this way, each owns his own turret.”

Ah well, it seems that sometimes it’s hard to let the truth get in the way of a good story!

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