Residents stop Emyvale river walkway project

29 October 2010 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Workmen who had intended building a four-foot high concrete wall for the Co Council at a scenic riverside walkway in Emyvale found themselves between a rock and a hard place on Tuesday morning when they were confronted by irate local residents who insisted that it would destroy the view.

A compromise was reached later in the evening following a meeting between a number of local people and the builders, which was also attended by independent county councillor Seamus Treanor and one of the council’s senior engineers, Mr Donal McElwain. It was agreed that railings would be put in place rather than the concrete slabs that were originally intended.

It is understood that the planned barrier was being installed as a required safety measure to go along with a new footpath being built on the Drumully Road, which runs from the corner of McMahon’s lounge on Main Street alongside the Mountain Water river.

A number of people from the area had contacted the Northern Standard to complain that the proposed wall would have destroyed the view, especially for children, in what was a popular amenity spot. They also pointed out that public seats had been removed.

Cllr Treanor, who had been strongly opposed to the wall as planned at the outset, told the Northern Standard he was happy with the outcome. The black railings were an acceptable compromise, and he pointed out that the seats were to be put back in place. He expressed disappointment, however, that a number of trees had been cut down, apparently without proper authorisation — but he had also been given assurances that these would be replaced.

One of those who had raised the issue with this newspaper said people would accept the railings as a necessary safety measure, in view of the fact that the new footpath was making the bank down to the river a little steeper.

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