Banks must support Monaghan businesses

29 October 2010 No Comments by The Northern Standard

“The reality for many employers is that the banks are not open for business,” stated Sinn Féin councillor Pat Treanor when Monaghan Co Council at its adjourned October meeting debated the recently launched economic development strategy for the county prepared by the Co Development Board.

Colr Treanor said many businesses in the county had opportunities to create further jobs but the banks would not listen to or give support to what were very reasonable proposals.

“Just imagine if the billions going into the banks were channelled to the businesspeople in the county who we have confidence in to take measures to reverse the job loss situation,” he stated.

The need for banks to become more responsive to the needs of businesses seeking financial support for new projects emerged as a major theme of the debate.

Fianna Fáil councillor P J O’Hanlon called for a greater role for young people in developing the blueprint for the county’s economic revival.

Padraig Warren of Chinook Consultants reported to the members that a lot of progress had been made in relation to the new plan, which had been driven by the enthusiasm of the people on the various fora that the strategy had established.  They had now added some very capable members to their groups, and begun to look outside their groups for support.  The groups had prioritised their primary action plan proposals, and most of them indicated that they expected to make significant progress by the time a major review of the strategy was conducted in January.

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