Officials defend design of new Monaghan roundabout

22 October 2010 5 Comments by The Northern Standard

The design of the new roundabout in the Old Cross Square area of Monaghan Town – which has excited much comment, a good degree of it critical, among the general public in recent weeks – was defended by Co Manager Declan Nelson and Monaghan Town Engineer Gareth McMahon at local authority meetings on Monday.

Raising the issue at Monday’s meeting of Monaghan Co Council, Fine Gael’s Hugh McElvaney told Director of Services for Roads David Fallon that he believed it was most imperative for him to make a statement on the roundabout at the bottom of Dublin Street and Old Cross Square in Monaghan Town.

Colr McElvaney branded the design of the roundabout “stupid” and said it was posing difficulties for heavy goods vehicles negotiating it on a daily basis.  He thought the roundabout made no sense whatsoever and was holding up traffic.

He said traffic coming from his own electoral area along the Cootehill Road and the Clones Road were experiencing “bedlam” because of the way the roundabout was designed.  Colr McElvaney believed that the relief of traffic onto the Mall Road was holding up the general traffic flow in the area.

He called for work on the roundabout to be halted until a proper design was put in place that would facilitate traffic flow rather than hold it up.

Co Manager Declan Nelson pointed out that this was not a Monaghan Co Council responsibility.  It was Monaghan Town Council that was carrying out the work.

In response, Colr McElvaney asked if there hadn’t been “a sleight of hand” in relation to the N54 which in its extent through Monaghan Town was now the responsibility of the Town Council there regarding its maintenance and upkeep.

The Manager said that when the NRA put in a by-pass, they reclassified the roads that were by-passed in the towns.  There had been a reclassification and redesignation of some of the roads through Monaghan Town.

Mr Nelson referred to the positive response to the roundabout which had been received from the people who lived and worked in the area, and said this had been enormous.  However, there would now be “headlines in the paper” that there was hassle over the roundabout.

Colr McElvaney said he wasn’t concerned about headlines, but about the people speaking to him as a public representative.

The Manager said that the roundabout had reduced the speed of traffic coming down from St Macartan’s Cathedral considerably.  There was no problem whatever with 40-ft trucks.

Seamus Treanor said he had lived in the Old Cross Square area, and some traffic came down from the Cathedral past McCarren’s pub “like bats out of hell, with blue smoke coming from them.”  There was always a back-up of traffic in Dublin Street and congestion because of school times.

The vast majority of people could walk across Old Cross Square in safety now, and he thought they should give the situation a few weeks until the teething problems were sorted out and minor adjustments were made.  He pointed out that every one could drive up on the curve of the roundabout.

North Monaghan Sinn Féin councillor Brian McKenna thought the roundabout was “a disaster”.  What had been done there was an absolute disgrace.

Co Mayor Jackie Crowe said they should leave this matter to the Town Council.  “It is Town Council business,” he stated.  “If I was sitting over there bringing things up about Castleblayney, I would be chased out of the place.”

Colr B McKenna asked that the matter be placed as an item on the agenda of the Co Council’s November meeting.

Colr McElvaney agreed and asked for a report from Director of Services Mr Fallon for that meeting.

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  • Jonathon Bannon said:

    I am only 17 but every1 deserves a say in this. Co Manager Declan Nelson and Monaghan Town Engineer Gareth McMahon are both wrong as it hasnt fully slowed down cars. I was standing on the footpath at the roundabout and was almost hit by a car as it couldnt make the turn properly…. i jumped out of the way and fell and hurt my back which has left me in bad pain making it sore to sleep and walk about so i really dont know how you can say that there is no problem with the design when it is a danger to all pedestrians that walk near bye…. thanks

  • Frank said:

    Priority should be with pedestrians so if it slows traffic, fine. However what is most disgusting about this development is that small central round wall made from horrible, reconstituted, fake, make-believe, homogenous “stone”. I can only imagine its going to be a flower bed for pretty foreign plants that are going to need more attention from the council. Just like that horrible retaining wall all along the Glen road and the unnecessary fence opposite that keeps in those trees!. More wasted money. I could go on and on. Who on earth makes these decisions. The council need a qualified designer/architect on board.

  • PennyRich said:

    Our “pretty little roundabout” is far too wide. Fact. There is no use denying it, Declan and whoever should get a chair and sit beside the roundabout and watch the lorries creak in protest as they turn the unusually large wide roundabout.
    Sure it’s “pretty” and it’s “Town Council Business”
    May I say, it’s tax payers money? Do they not have a say in these little “works of art” the council make every so often (i.e. “The hole”) to see what they can do to annoy pedestrians and drivers?
    It is their money, right?
    Oh wait, they will claim it is their allowance from the hugely popular government. Where do they get their money? IMF, Germany, France, England, Other money-lending countries and the tax payer.

    @ Frank ; Any architect on the council will either be over-eccentric or under-eccentric, either build skyscrapers or “shacks”

    I suppose thats my stop.

  • Steve Latenne said:

    There is simply not enough turning space for HGV’s, buses etc.
    Watch the roundabout for ten odd minutes in heavy traffic and you will see countless vehicles mount the kerb and drive across the pedestrian area!
    Poorly designed’ unattractive (just like the new Diamond layout) and dangerously confusing for pedestrians.
    It should be rectified immediately before there is a bad accident.

  • Shane said:


    Its not a wonder that the country is the way it is now, if these Engineers and project managers, responsible for these projects are the best we have available, then this country is a dead loss. Monaghan Co. council, please revisit this area of re-constructing this roundabout, if for nothing else but for the people of Monaghan.
    It’s embarrassing!!!