Google’s “Street View” — futuristic digital tour takes us back a year

7 October 2010 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Launched on Friday last, the Irish version of Google Maps’ “Street View” allows internet users to take a virtual tour of just about every highway, byway, roadway, street and alley in the country.

Most people who’ve tried it have already parked themselves outside the “cyber” versions of their own houses, probably because we like to see how our own humble abodes and portions of the national territory look in the wider scheme of things.

It also means that we’ve been given a chance to catch up on our neighbours in the North and across the Irish sea when it comes to going for a quick spin around any corner of this great little country that might spring to mind, and we’re told that the people in Fáilte Ireland and others interested in luring the tourists are very happy with the whole thing.

(Then again, it seems a bit unfair on the areas that look a bit under the weather, just because the sun didn’t come out and play ball when the Google camera vans were passing through!)

But the funny thing about this latest manifestation of the brave new digital world is that, futuristic and all as it is, the images are already dated. In the case of Monaghan town, and probably most other parts of the Green Isle, we seem to be rooted somewhere in the spring or early summer of last year… can be seen from the local election posters that still adorn the googleview poles and railings.

And as for the new streetscape being constructed in the middle of Monaghan in real time, well, it seems the new-look town centre is going to have to wait a while before getting into the digital window.

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