Scaled-Down Plan For Additional Mullaghmatt Houses

1 October 2010 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Monaghan Town Council are to consult with residents of the Mullaghmatt housing estate on a scaled-down proposal by the National Building Agency to provide additional housing in a particular area of the estate in order to address the problem of an open space which has become the location for anti-social behaviour.

An initial plan to build eight houses in the area concerned was rejected by local residents, but at the September meeting of the Town Council last week plans were outlined for the provision of three single-storey houses in the location which could if necessary be adapted to cater for people with special accommodation needs.  It was also proposed that some of the open space area could be incorporated in the curtilage of existing housing.

Members of the Council agreed to hold a presentation on the new plan for residents and to meet with them to ascertain their views.

Details of the revised proposals were unveiled by Rory MacFlynn, the National Building Agency’s Project Architect for the Remedial Scheme currently being implemented in the Mullaghmatt area.

Mr MacFlynn told the meeting that at present the NBA were currently planning phase three of the Remedial Scheme, and they hoped that this next phase would follow on in 2011 when the current contract was finished.

Referring to the three open spaces in Mullaghmatt that had to be addressed under the scheme, he said that the first two had been dealt with under the pilot and second phases of the scheme, both reasonably successfully.  However, there was a third large area that still posed a problem.

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