Clones Capers!

21 September 2010 No Comments by The Northern Standard

ORGANISERS deemed the long hours of planning and preparation worthwhile as the Ulster Canal Capers Clones Festival proved to be a resounding success. There had been much talk about the weather leading up to the weekend.  In fact, one witty committee member  described it as reminiscent of his school report cards: “unsettled, windy, could be better!”
Festivities began after 6pm on Friday evening when all the competitors in the Harte Peat Canalball Run gathered in the town car park to have their carts scrutinised.  It was very obvious that many long hours of hard work had been put into the design, construction and modification of the carts.
A total of 40 carts took part, the vast majority hailing from Clones and the immediate area but with several welcome visitors from further North also. As people lined up to have their pride and joy inspected by Rally Ireland and Monaghan Motor Club, entertainment was provided by Devilish DJs.
Meanwhile crowds were sustained with the produce of Kittie’s Kitchen as well as Kevin Allen’s incredibly tasty spitted pig stall of Flat Lake Festival fame.
There was a large turnout with people, although not directly involved with any cart, turning up to watch the inspection and carry out their own scrutiny of these homemade racers.

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