McGeown expresses alarm over serious teenage drinking incidents in Monaghan town centre

16 September 2010 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Sinn Féin Town Councillor Paul McGeown expressed alarm at last week’s meeting of the Monaghan Joint Policing Committee at serious incidents of misbehaviour he had witnessed being perpetrated by underage drinkers in the centre of Monaghan Town recently following a teenage disco.
Colr McGeown, whose comments provoked a detailed debate about teenage drinking problems in the town, said that two weeks previously following a teenage disco in the town, he had counted fifteen children sitting drinking Buckfast and other alcoholic drinks.  He had witnessed the young people, who were aged on average between 13 and 15, fighting with each other and “running around the town like madmen”.  Some of them had attacked adults coming out of pubs.
The SF representative commended the members of the Gardai who had appeared on the scene on the night and who tried their utmost to disperse the young people concerned.  The incident had occurred around 11.30 pm, and he had never seen anything like it in his life.
“They were out of their heads and some of them were just 13 years old,” he claimed.  The Gardai did their utmost and had tried to talk to the offenders, but had been subjected to disrespect from them.
Garda Inspector Alan Cunningham pointed out that the Gardai deployed extra resources at the time of teenage discos in the town because of the large crowds.  These functions could have 1,200-1,500 youngsters at them, which was a huge crowd, whereas some Saturday night functions in the town centre only drew crowds in the region of 300-400.

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