Senior council official seeks to allay fears on Clontibret–NI road project

5 August 2010 No Comments by The Northern Standard


A senior official with Monaghan Co Council has this week sought to allay growing public concerns at proposals for the N2 Clontibret – Border Road Re-alignment Project, and to give assurances that all representations submitted by members of the public on the issue will be taken very seriously.

Mr David Fallon, Director of Services for Roads, Environment and Emergency Services with Monaghan Co Council, told the Northern Standard that the council wishes to be “as open as possible” and is keen to receive and study all submissions made to it.

All the points made would be considered, and people would be given a real and effective input into the process, he stressed.

“We will pay heed to everything sent in, and if people want to bring any issues to our attention we would be grateful to know about them,” Mr Fallon added.

The senior manager confirmed that the Co Council is still hoping to have the route selection processs for the project finalised by October of this year. This could be any one of the three routes advertised, or a variation on these. But no decision would be made until the public consultation process was fully finalised and all the arguments submitted had been taken into account, he was at pains to emphasise.

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