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20 May 2011 One Comment

Whether one welcomes it or resents it, it is impossible in the week that’s in it to ignore the visit of the British Queen to our shores. While it is difficult to assess fully the nature and impact of an occasion that is still in progress, it seems fair to say that the immediate impression left upon Irish people will have confounded expectations. The unprecedented security operation attendant to the royal visit was much signposted in the media but its elaborate and somewhat overbearing extent will have only ...


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29 Apr 2011 Comments Off on THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT

There is a complex weave of feelings in this country towards the British Royal Family. Commonly, we profess puzzlement, and often amusement, at the preoccupation of the British people and its media with the activities of its royals. It seems a strange mixture of lionisation and leering: anachronistic deference strolling hand in hand with prurient privacy invasion. Yet the fact that one Irish television broadcaster, TV3, will provide extensive coverage of Friday’s royal wedding suggests that some degree of that fascination has impregnated our own culture. ...