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The Postal Service threat

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19 Nov 2010 Comments Off on The Postal Service threat

At a time of incessant gloom and unceasing turmoil in the national economy, when all news seems to be bad news and the ability to absorb it reaches saturation point, the public can easily grow inured to calamity, and can be slow to react or assign the appropriate consideration when a new threat to the quality of their lives and to the community good stealthily emerges. This is one obstacle facing those in the Irish postal service who are at present seeking to galvanise local political opposition to proposals in train ...

Monaghan councillors rally to defence of postal service

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19 Nov 2010 Comments Off on Monaghan councillors rally to defence of postal service

The need to preserve the social and community dimension inherent in the local postal service was emphasised by the members of Monaghan Town Council on Monday night when they lent their support to the mounting campaign to protect the service from the adverse effects of plans by the Government to liberalise the postal market. Members adopted the following motion moved by Cathaoirleach Robbie Gallagher: “Monaghan Town Council calls on the Government to recognise the unique and vital role of the postal service in Ireland, particularly rural Ireland, as a means of communication, ...