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used Artificial Intelligence in their workplace, a study published this week revealed. Research undertaken by the recruitment agency FRS Recruitment showed that 52% of employees surveyed in the county were worried about the impact AI would have on their jobs and believed that AI could replace their jobs in the future. Nationally, eight out of 10 people said they had used AI in the workplace and 47% believed it would have future employment consequences for them.

Those most likely to be using AI in the workplace were in the Education and Training (84%), Hospitality and Tourism (84%) or Agriculture, Farming and Agri- Food (83%) sectors. The lowest usage of AI in the workplace was reported amongst those working in IT (72%), Professional Services (69%) or Pharma and Medical Devices (61%). Those in the IT sector expressed the most concern about AI (64%), followed by Pharma and Medical Devices (52%) and Education and Training (51%). Least worried about AI impacting or replacing their jobs were in Professional Services (43%), Hospitality and Tourism (44%) or Retail as well as Manufacturing and Supply Chain (45%). 47% of the Monaghan employees who took part in the research said they had been headhunted in the last 12 months.

Six out of 10 of the Monaghan respondents believed that changing jobs was the best way to secure the wage they deserve. Most people (57%) in Monaghan feel they are more likely to progress in their career by moving jobs. More than 1 in 3 of those working in Monaghan (34%) believed they could secure a new job in 3 months or less. However this is down from the 68% in the county who felt they could find new employment within that timeframe when the same question was posed last year. Just under half the Monaghan workforce (46%) currently feared for their job security, down from the 57% who held similar fears in the county when the question was asked in 2023. The Monaghan figure is close to the national average, with 47% of people across Ireland saying they are worried about their job security.

Housing is also having an effect on the local jobs market, with most employers (54%) in Monaghan saying housing issues were impacting their recruitment outlook. Nationally, 58% of employers on average acknowledge that housing is affecting their hiring practices. Across Ireland, two out of three people also say housing has impacted on how they have personally managed their careers. 23% said they stayed in a job for housing reasons and another 23% said they didn’t…

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