30 June 2017 No Comments by The Northern Standard

By Veronica Corr

On Tuesday morning news broke that Manor Farm, the largest chicken processor in the country, was sold to Scandi Standard for €70 million. Managing Director, Mr. Vincent Carton, took time out on Tuesday afternoon to talk to The Northern Standard about the sale. He was very open and honest about the reasons he and his brother Justin (also a Director) decided to sell and the terms of the sale.

Those who may be worried about what the takeover means for them can rest easy, as it will be essentially business as usual for everyone involved with the enterprise.

Mr. Carton explained how the sale came about: “We’re a family business. I have five daughters and Justin has three. We asked the girls what sort of future they would like, because one of the mistakes a lot of family businesses make is force children in.” The girls told them, over time, that while they wanted to keep the family business going, they didn’t share their dads’ passion for chicken. Both Carton brothers were very supportive of their daughters’ collective decision.

It transpired that the company was put up for sale some years ago, but nothing had come of it. However, out of the blue, one of the people who had heard that it had been on the market previously asked the Managing Director if he was interested in having a chat and that’s how this sale came about …

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