16 June 2017 No Comments by The Northern Standard

“Your client is lucky not to be going to jail,” Judge Denis McLoughlin told a solicitor at Monaghan District Court on Monday in relation to a case where a puppy was drowned in a bucket of water. Joe Lynch, with an address at 119, Mullaghmatt, Monaghan, pleaded guilty to drowning the puppy, contrary to the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013.

He was given 240 hours of community service in lieu of three months in prison for the offence, which occurred at his house on 9th June last year. Garda Inspector Ronan Carey told the court that gardaí were called to the house after receiving a report of a puppy being killed. They found Mr Lynch in an extremely intoxicated state and unable to speak. The gardaí were told by a Bernadette O’Leary that Mr Lynch had put the puppy in a bucket of water, held it there until it was lifeless and thrown it into the garden.

Insp Carey confirmed that the defendant had no relevant previous convictions. The solicitor for the defendant, Damien Rudden, said that the puppy was approximately 12 weeks old and had belonged to Mr Lynch who had bought it from a neighbour.

His client was a 48- year-old single man with a disability who received a weekly disability payment of €188. He was a recovering alcoholic and had consumed alcohol on the day of the offence, which happened while he was drunk. “He co-operated with the gardaí and he is ashamed of what he did,” Mr Rudden added. Judge McLoughlin said he wanted to know if Mr Lynch would be willing to do community service, and advised Mr Rudden that there “should only be one answer” to that question.

Having established that Mr Lynch was suitable for such work, the judge told Mr Rudden that his client was lucky not to be going to jail, and sentenced the defendant to 240 hours’ community service in lieu of three months in prison.

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