28 October 2016 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Noeleen Loughran, a lay volunteer from Emyvale, has gratefully received a cheque for €1475 thanks to the generosity of Rossa Gilsenan, a Colaiste Oiriall student from Castleshane, Monaghan.

Rossa, who had a beautiful head of long hair, decided to shed her locks in June 2016. In doing so, she not only donated her hair to the Rapunzel Foundation who make wigs and hair pieces for children undergoing cancer treatment but she went a step further, and collected sponsorship for Noeleen Loughran’s Uganda Mission Appeal.

Noeleen, who is currently home from her humanitarian work in Uganda, was loud in her praise for Rossa’s generosity. In accepting the cheque, she said that she wished to publicly thank Rossa and the people who supported her to raise €1475 which would make a huge difference to the people she works with in Uganda. This money, when converted into local currency, can go along way to helping people who have literally got nothing.

“I have been working for these past few months in Kitgum in Gulu Diocese which is just 53 miles to the border of South Sudan. Each day here, thousands are crossing the border from South Sudan fleeing the ongoing violence which continues there. News reports say that in one day 40,000 Sudanese arrived in the village of Bweyale where a settlement has been made in a very vast area of unused land. The UN distributes food and medical supplies there but it is never enough. Displaced families arrive here taking refuge from their war torn country, arriving in Lorries with the bare necessities that they own. The South Sudanese people get very little chance to re-build their lives as peace there lasts only sometimes a few weeks and so the people flee back and forth to Uganda as means of safety but they have very little …

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