22 September 2016 No Comments by The Northern Standard

A large volume of illegally dumped domestic waste and other refuse was removed from the scenic wooded area near the Woodview housing estate at Killygoan in Monaghan Town in a local authority clean-up operation earlier this week.

When The Northern Standard visited the area in the aftermath of the clean-up, several residents expressed serious concern about the problem of illegal dumping nearby.

A number claimed that the problem was predominantly emanating from a particular residence in the area that had been privately owned but was now rented by the local authority to provide accommodation.

They referred also to incidents of anti-social behaviour, criminal damage and other criminality which they said were being carried out by people resident in and visiting the dwelling in question.

“Some fly-tipping is being perpetrated in the wooded area by people from outside the locality because of its secluded nature, but we believe that the domestic refuse discarded there is coming from one particular dwelling,” a local man stated.
Another resident called on the Monaghan Municipal District to introduce CCTV cameras in the area of the wood as a deterrent to illegal dumping and a means of catching those responsible and subjecting them to the on-the-spot fines that apply to such offending. They pointed out that while there was a …

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