1 September 2016 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Clontibret man Dean McMenamin is continuing his remarkable worldwide cycle for charity, an odyssey that has taken him through Australia and India and now finds the intrepid traveller and his trusty machine Fiona exploring South America.
Dean’s accounts of his travels on his Facebook page and website ( have attracted a legion of followers, all of whom were relieved to learn that he emerged with only a few stitches from a fall from his bike in Cusco in southeastern Peru last week.

Dean has forwarded to The Northern Standard the following account of his recent adventures, entitled “A cycle through Patagonia”:

There I was standing at the end of the world with my trusted bicycle Fiona beside me.

1,000 km south was Antarctica and what lay ahead of me was two continents. Standing there looking at the vast ocean in front of me, snow began to fall.

It had been snowing non-stop since I arrived in Ushuaia in Argentina, made famous by being the world’s most southerly town. But snow or no snow I still had to cycle, and I jumped back onto Fiona and headed in the only direction that I could from here, north.

Argentina lies to the east of the Andes, and Chile to the west. These two countries are split by this vast mountain range that makes…

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