1 July 2016 No Comments by The Northern Standard

By Patsy McArdle and Peter Hughes

Political, business and community leaders and organisations have begun the process of analysing and preparing for the extent of the impact on Co Monaghan of the “Leave” decision made by the United Kingdom in the referendum on continued membership of the European Union held on Thursday last.
In the rather fervid atmosphere that has reigned in the aftermath of the decision, forecasts of what ‘Brexit’ will mean for Ireland and the Border region in particular have ranged from the apocalyptic – passport checks and tight controls on the movement of people and goods at the frontier between Northern Ireland and the South – to the opportunistic: Ireland enjoying a jobs and economic windfall with the arrival of companies seeking to relocate from the UK to a nearby still ‘European’ outpost.

Sinn Féin have sought to push the debate on a future reunification of Ireland to the fore as politicians at European, national and local level urge that the interests of the Border counties in particular have to be kept to the forefront of the Irish Government’s concerns as they seek to exert influence on minimising the adverse Brexit fallout.

One of the more immediate and measurable consequences of the UK departure is the drop in the value of Sterling …

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