22 April 2016 No Comments by The Northern Standard

By Patsy McArdle

A man in his fifties who was questioned last weekend over the brutal killing of 21-years-old Paul Quinn from Cullyhanna in South Armagh, who was lured to a roadside shed at,Tullycoora, near the village of Oram, outside Castleblayney, and savagely beaten by a group of men using wooden cudgels and iron bars, was released without charge on Friday evening last.

The brutal killing took place in October 2007 and despite the fact that numerous arrests were made and various individuals quizzed about the crime, no one has yet been charged in relation to Mr. Quinn’s death.

The weekend garda operation coincided with a huge search of lands in the area, along the Monaghan/Armagh Border, where it was reported detectives were anxious to find some evidence that might be directly linked to the murder.

Specialist underground search radar scanning equipment as well as some heavy machinery was used in the garda search operation.

It is understood a search was also initiated for the possible recovery of portions of a vehicle, believed to be a van, which might have been dismantled after being used by the gang involved.

However, it emerged, the searches only unearthed various items of household waste.

The late Mr. Quinn’s family have blamed IRA elements for his murder but Sinn Fein and the IRA have consistently denied any involvement in the young man’s death.

At the weekend Mr. Quinn’s father, Stephen said they were pleased there was still a “live garda investigation” under way into Paul’s murder.

He added that those responsible for Paul’s death should be aware they can get “a knock on the door at any time” from the police to bring them to justice for what they did to his son.

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