7 November 2015 No Comments by The Northern Standard

A claim that there could be as few as two Garda patrol cars operating in Co Monaghan on weekdays was made during Monday’s meeting of Monaghan Co Council by Fianna Fáil’s Robbie Gallagher.

Colr Gallagher made his assertion during the moving of a motion of urgent business which called on Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald TD to address as a matter of urgency the current “dangerously low level” of Garda numbers in the Cavan/Monaghan region, arising from the transfer of a number of personnel to Co Louth as part of heightened security measures introduced there in the wake of the recent murder of Garda Tony Golden and heightened incidences of paramilitary-linked criminal activity.

Moving the FF proposal at the conclusion of Monday’s meeting, Colr Gallagher said that the Cavan/Monaghan division was the most depleted in terms of Garda numbers in the country. As a result of the unfortunate murder of Garda Tony Golden in Dundalk, there had been a transfer of up to 30 Gardaí to Co Louth, 16 of whom had been taken from the Cavan/Monaghan division.

This left a situation where a division that had already been very lowly manned was now in a worse position in terms of personnel. The division had already been reduced in numbers by 22% and was now in a very serious situation.

Colr Gallagher said that local Garda manpower was now at a dangerously low level. He was not stating that the Co Louth area was not in need of additional resources, but this situation should not have been corrected at the expense of Cavan/Monaghan. The situation, he believed, was absolutely critical.

Dundalk, he pointed out, was not located in the only Border county. Not alone did Garda members in Co Monaghan now feel exposed and vulnerable, but communities felt likewise. The tragic …

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