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Monaghan Co Council has received a reduction of €278,664 in its Local Property Tax allocation for 2016 from the Dept of the Environment as a consequence of the local authority’s recent decision to reduce the amount of property tax levied in the county by 7.5%.

This information was provided by the Co Council’s Head of Finance John Murray to last week’s meeting of the Ballybay-Clones Municipal District, when the members were considering their own budget for next year.

Mr Murray said that in 2015 the allocation to each of the county’s three Municipal Districts came from the amount of Local Property Tax retained in the county. At the recent special meeting of the Co Council at which the decision to reduce the LPT rate was made, there were indications that the subsequent reduction might have to come out from the funding provided for Municipal Districts.

However, Mr Murray emphasised, he could not pre-empt what the decision of the members of the Co Council would be on this matter at their own forthcoming Statutory Budget Meeting (to take place on November 20). That was when the allocation being made to the Municipal Districts for 2016 would be decided.

Regarding the Municipal District’s 2016 allocation for the operation of parks and open spaces, Mr Murray said the funding for this purpose in 2015 had been €30,000, two-thirds of which had now been spent, and the same level of allocation was proposed for next year. An additional €5,700 allocation for town events would also be left unchanged in 2016.

The Head of Finance pointed out that the Co Council was looking at present at how contributions to community groups by the local authority were handled. Something would be done to avoid duplicate contributions being paid by both the Co Council and the Municipal Districts, but the overall funding package for this purpose would not change in 2016.

Fine Gael councillor Ciara McPhillips asked how the allocations to Ballybay-Clones compared to other Municipal Districts in the county.

Mr Murray said the money set aside for town events would be lower in Ballybay-Clones than in other Municipal Districts, but they were looking at addressing this matter at Co Council level at present. The amount of money for this purpose overall in the county would not change, but they were looking at measures to ensure greater equality and fairness in its distribution. The parks and open spaces ….

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