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€4 million was awarded in personal injury claims to people from Co Monaghan last year, according to statistics published this week.

The operational review for 2014 carried out by the Injuries Board showed that the average personal injury award in Co Monaghan was €27,580, around €5,000 above the national average. In total 150 awards were recorded in the county during the year.

The review indicates that the volume of claims submitted to the board stabilised during 2014. Last year the board received 31,576 new claims, a marginal 1% increase on 2013 (31,311) and a slowing down of the 6% increase recorded in the prior year.

The average national award in 2014 was €22,642, a slight decrease on the 2013 average of €22,847. The largest award recorded in 2014 was €972,898 and related to an employer liability claim.

As expected, the higher volume of claims received in 2013 fed through to a higher volume of awards in 2014, which were up 16% to 12,420 (2013: 10,656). Due to the higher number of awards made in 2014, the total compensation award increased by 15% to €281 million (2013: €243.5 million).

The higher award volumes in 2014 are also indicative of an increase in the number of respondents, typically insurers, using the Injury Board’s low cost system to handle uncontested personal injury claims.

The Injuries Board is the independent State body responsible for delivering personal injury awards to claimants who have had a motor accident, workplace accident or an accident in a public place. By law, all personal injury claims (apart from medical negligence) must be submitted to the Board.

Commenting on the Board’s performance in 2014, Patricia Byron, its Chief Executive stated: “While the volume of new claims stabilised last year, the increase in the number of awards made by the Board is a clear indication that more respondents, typically insurers, are opting to engage with our low cost claims resolution service and recognise the real value of avoiding unnecessary and costly litigation where uncontested claims are concerned.

“We processed more awards last year in a shorter delivery time and achieved savings of €85 million. Efficiencies of this scale, and a continued focus on removing unnecessary costs, should ultimately have the impact of ensuring more sustainable insurance premia.”

Ms Byron said 2014 was an important year for the board as it marked a decade in operation.

“As a result of our journey, personal injury compensation is now delivered …

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