26 March 2015 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Pension changes which will impact adversely on some people taking retirement in the coming years have been strongly criticised by Independent member of Monaghan Co Council Seamus Treanor.

Colr Treanor said that those affected deserved better treatment from both the Government, and the “spineless” Opposition parties in the Dáil which had ignored opportunities to highlight the issue.

He pointed out that at the March meeting of Monaghan Co Council he had tabled a motion for discussion regarding pension cuts that would impact on people due to take retirement over the next couple of years, “but due to emergency motions introduced by other parties in the Chamber this motion was deemed less important.”

In a statement to The Northern Standard, Colr Treanor added: “In early 2012, when this was first proposed by Minister Joan Burton, we at Monaghan Town Council sent a motion proposed by myself condemning her changes to old age pensions.

“At that time, if you had ten years’ consecutive stamps, you were entitled to a full pension of €230.30. Now you must have 30 years’ consecutive stamps to receive the same amount.

“The people who will be most affected by this are the women of Ireland who, for domestic reasons and the high cost of childcare, took time out from their workplace to rear their families – who paid all their taxes, including the 7% USC, only now to be told their pension could be reduced by as much as €100 per week, which could cost them up to €75,000 over the lifetime of their pension.

“This is a downright scandal – and not one of the Opposition parties thought it important enough to highlight the problem.

“The people now being penalised were born and reared in Ireland and deserve better treatment from this Government and the spineless Opposition. But then, all these parties want to look good in Europe.”

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