19 March 2015 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Dear Editor

Through the columns of your widely read newspaper I wish to take this opportunity, as hitherto one of the thousands of all-too-silent voices in Ireland, to express my grave concern at what now appears to be an indirect threat to human rights through the unacceptable collection of taxation levied on the ordinary citizens of our country.

Firstly, it was the property tax and now the water tax or water charges, as they are called in a bid to conceal the fact that this is a further blatant attempt to extort money from many families already desperately struggling to survive, as a result of a very basic minimum wage.

Politics aside, the powers-that-be appear to have scant regard for the many families where workers have to leave their home early for long journeys to centres of employment, if they are lucky to have work, and it is absolutely scandalous for any ruling authority to set out to   limit the amount of water they can use—or force payment through the nose by waving a legal stick!.

Already people unable to pay the property tax have had their human rights blatantly infringed, by having State allowances pilfered in the name of the law.

While many people have already gone out to demonstrate—and voice their anger at what is happening by way of an erosion of their natural rights—it seems their cry over the threat of further financial extortion by way of water charges is still being ignored by those who unscrupulously seem to think it is acceptable to limit water for the lesser paid who cannot afford it!

It was suggested the property tax would help pay for local amenties, including water supplies, but it soon became clear nothing was further from the truth. Instead of repairing leaks and supply-lines, where millions of gallons of water are lost, the money went towards setting up a company that will make a huge profit for individuals who will have a plentiful supply of water to fill their swimming pools, while hard- working, and lower-paid sons and daughters of many Irish families, will be left hardly able to afford the water they require, to survive healthly and fulfill their daily hygienic needs.

The time has come for more people to speak out—to defend and preserve our God-given rights.

Yours faithfully,


Carrickagarvin, Castleblayney.

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