15 November 2014 No Comments by The Northern Standard

THREE higher-end-value vehicles were stolen in a series of creeper burglaries that took place in Cootehill at some time last Wednesday night, going into Thursday morning, in what gardai believe to be another in the series of thefts being carried out “to order” that target certain types of vehicles.

A Toyota Land Cruiser jeep was taken from a house on the Cavan road, while an Audi was stolen at New Line and a BMW from the Clementstown estate. A garda spokesperson said it was believed these robberies were being organised to order, with a view to obtaining valuable parts.

Investigations into the incidents are continuing and anyone with information is asked to contact Cootehill Garda Station at 049 555 2105.

It has also been confirmed to this newspaper that gardai in Ballybay are investigating the theft of a jeep from a premises near Swann’s Cross on the Ballybay-Clones road on the night of Thursday 30th October.

A garda spokesperson reminded members of the public to remain vigilant, especially in relation to a black jeep-type vehicle that usually displays a northern (yellow) registration plate (which may be changed from time to time) that has been reported in the areas of such vehicle thefts on several occasions.

A jeep fitting this description was recently spotted in the Wylie’s Hill estate in Ballybay, close to a house where a 2007-registered BMW car ……

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