31 October 2014 No Comments by The Northern Standard

macbrideTHE inclination of some people to over indulge in alcohol during the annual Christmas holiday period was denounced by Judge Sean MacBride at Monaghan District Court last week, where he reflected that, for many individuals, the festivities were “far removed” from celebrating the birth of Christ.

The judge was speaking while adjourning until January the sentencing of a defendant who had pleaded guilty to a series of drink-related charges, in order to “test the resolve” of the person in question and see if they could remain sober over the “so-called” festive season.

Judge MacBride said he was stressing the words “so-called”, because Christmas was supposed to celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. But a lot of people were “very far removed” from Christ at Christmas, as all they were interested in was “getting their heads exploding”. They were “out of it” with alcohol, and in worse cases with drugs, and many were acting in a pagan manner.
But Christmas was more than that; it was a time for family and a time to thank the Lord for His many blessings, and not a time for people to get “ossified drunk and make a show of themselves”.

Such behaviour was also costing the State a fortune through the resultant pressure on emergency departments in hospitals, on the gardai, and through all the other consequences including fatal road accidents.

It was time that we as a nation had a “hard look at ourselves” in that regard, Judge MacBride remarked in conclusion.

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