2 May 2014 No Comments by The Northern Standard

An incident in which local public representative Tommy Hagan was mugged was among a number of crimes committed by a male juvenile whose case was dealt with at Monday’s sittings of the District Court in Monaghan Town.

In adjudicating on the case Judge Sean MacBride made comments in which he conveyed a strong sense of sympathy with the victims of crime, who he said were “number one” in his court, and also alluded to frustration among the judiciary about the lack of accommodation provision for juvenile offenders and the “revolving door” custodial system for adults which often saw offenders who were imprisoned for relatively short periods of time released very soon after their sentences commenced.

Judge MacBride said there was a need for those in public life to take action that would reinforce a strong sense of community in this country, a once vibrant feature of Irish life that he believed in former times had acted, through moral persuasion, as a very effective deterrent to crime.

The juvenile before the court, who faced a number of public order, trespass and theft charges, was told by Judge MacBride that he was facing a …

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