11 April 2014 One Comment by The Northern Standard

By Cianna McNally

Approximately 700 trees have been cut down in Rossmore Forest car park in the last two weeks due to frost damage a Coillte representative confirmed to the Northern Standard this week.

Resource Manager with Coillte Mary Treacy confirmed that the poplar trees, which were planted in 1970, had been badly damaged by the harsh winter conditions in December 2010 and January 2011 which caused the sap in the trees to freeze and split. An arborist who carried out a report on behalf of Coillte recommended that the trees should be cut down.

“We were aware of the problem at the time and we hoped that the trees would repair themselves in time but they did not so they had to be cut down. It was unfortunate that this had to happen but the trees could have fallen and we could not run the risk of that as Rossmore is a public park,” Ms Treacy said.

The tree cutting took approximately two weeks to complete. As poplar is a weak timber which cannot be used for construction the trees will be used as firewood according to Ms Treacy.

Coillte has plans to replant in the area in the autumn and Ms Treacy added that the car park is scheduled to reopen next week. The rest of Rossmore Park is open to the public.

“We will have the car park cleaned and reopened for Easter but the rest of the park is still open and available for use,” Ms Treacy concluded.

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  • Cernnunos (author) said:

    Appointing profit-making Coillte to take care of Rossmore Forest Park is a bit like putting Dracula in charge of a blood bank. The article failed to note that large swathes of Rossmore Park have already been cut down since Coillte took charge.