14 February 2014 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Sinn Féin member of Monaghan Co Council Cathy Bennett has called for water hardness issues in the Scotstown and Ballinode area to be brought to the attention of the new Irish Water entity.

Colr Bennett has raised concerns among residents of the areas concerned about the hardness of their domestic water supply over recent Council meetings, and when the Council met in February she requested that her submissions in this regard be raised with Irish Water.

She asked if an appointment could be made with the new body “to discuss the possibility of joining the present water line to a neighbouring group water scheme”.

In a written response to a question from the SF representative on the matter, it was stated: “Monaghan Co Council has made contact with Irish Water with regard to the possibility of the Ballinode and Scotstown areas being supplied from a different source i.e. neighbouring private group water scheme.

“When a response has been received, the councillors will be informed. As previously stated, the water supplied to these areas is to a high quality and complies in all regards with the Drinking Water Standards.”

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