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The Project
Mickey and Liam Bradley will be returning to Mombasa, Kenya in January 2014 to help in the building of a school for children who live in one of the poorest regions in East Africa. In 2012, the father and son team worked in a school for children with disabilities in the small township of Likoni. On that occasion, they helped to build accommodation blocks for the school’s 170 students, all of whom live there. The school catered for children who had been abandoned by their families as they couldn’t care for them. They built four new buildings, which were named Ulster, Munster, Leinster and Connaught for those children to live in.

The Bradley men will be working in a small village not far from Likoni called Migombani this time, where the primary school caters for 1,000 students, 230 of which are orphans. All of the school’s students live in the shanty towns which surround Migombani and at present have to make do with small cramped buildings that are completely unfit for purpose with little or no sanitation. This project will see the men help to build six new large and airy classrooms where the children can learn in comfort and enjoy clean and safe toilet and eating facilities.

The charity that the men will be working with is called The Ray of Sunshine Foundation. This organisation’s core belief is that the way forward out of the poverty trap is through education and they endeavour to assist children in any way possible to achieve this. As well as building the …

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