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Co Monaghan employers have been asked to avoid cutting corners on workplace safety procedures this week as statistics emerged showing that accidents related to employment resulted in over €300,000 in liability awards in the county last year.

The figure emerged from an analysis conducted by the Injuries Board of legal claims arising from workplace accidents last year, released to mark the European Week for Safety and Health at Work.
. In Co Monaghan, 11 employer liability awards were made in 2012. The average award was €27,876 and the total compensation awarded was €307,000.

The Injuries Board awarded total compensation of €22m in respect of 807 claims for workplace accidents last year – compared to 830 awards and €¨22.5m in compensation in 2011.

The highest award for a workplace accident last year was €332,143.

Releasing the figures, the Board highlighted that two of the highest ten awards for workplace accidents in 2012 related to fatalities.

The average award for a workplace accident was €27,286, with the average award for men slightly higher at €27,657. Women received an average award of €26,456

Men are twice as likely as women to sustain a workplace injury with men accounting for 7 in 10 awards (69.1%) and 54% of the labour force, while women accounted for the remaining 3 in 10 (30.9%) awards and represent 46% of the labour force.

The majority of awards were to workers in the 25 to 34 age group (32.2%) while over 1 in 5 (22.6%) were in the 35 to 44 age bracket.

The vast majority of awards (82.6%) were under €38,000.

For the second consecutive year, Thursday was the most common day for workplace accidents while the least number of accidents occurred on Sunday.

Slips, trips and falls were the most common accident type accounting for one third (33.6%) of all awards.

January was the safest month while July saw the highest level of accidents throughout the year.
Dublin, Cork and Limerick were the counties with …

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