6 September 2013 No Comments by The Northern Standard

By Patsy McArdle

CROSS-BORDER fuel racketeers hit two roads in Mid-Monaghan last week by dumping consignments of sludge from tax-rebated laundered diesel which was “doctored” to remove colouring for sale at the higher price applicable for “clear” commercial fuel.

The sludge was dumped in containers on roadsides in the Broomfield and Oram areas, both a few miles from Castleblayney, and also within a short distance from the South Armagh border.

Firemen and County Council environment crews moved in to clear the areas and prevent any seepage to nearby farms or streams.

The ongoing clearance of fuel sludge dumped by the smuggler gangs has cost both Monaghan and Louth County Councils more than €4.1 million since last year.

Several illicit fuel laundering plants have also been targeted by the revenue authorities in the border area in recent months in an ongoing campaign to eliminate the racket and a number of court prosecutions are pending.

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