31 May 2013 No Comments by The Northern Standard

‘Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight for your hospital and we, Fine Gael, will fight with you for your services’ – that is what we heard from the now Minister for Health when he stood on the steps of the Monaghan Courthouse prior to the last general election. Now the tune has changed and we are expected to believe him when he tells us that the future of our hospital is more secure due to the latest promises.
 Michael Martin and James Reilly, and many other politicians, stood before the people of Monaghan and promised that Monaghan would not be downgraded – but it was.

They invested millions in upgrading wards in Monaghan General Hospital and told us that they could not downgrade it after spending this money – but they did.

They built a state of the art A & E with the most modern equipment for resuscitation and a separate room for childbirth but that did not last very long – they downgraded that very quickly.

They promised us a 24/7 Minor Injuries Unit to replace the A & E but then they reduced the opening hours and then put a charge of €100 for its use. They promised a First responder in his/her own vehicle to get to emergencies fast – first they took the car away and then the Advanced Paramedics.

One Advanced Paramedic might have to cover Monaghan, Cavan and part of Louth. One emergency heading…

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