3 May 2013 No Comments by The Northern Standard

A WOMEN’S group in Monaghan has called on women in the county to stand together and get strength from each other if they are in financial difficulties.

Women are being called on to leave pride aside and talk about financial problems with friends, a women’s support group, MABS, or whoever it may be rather than suffer alone in silence.

Three of the co-founders of Monaghan Women’s Group, Paula Flanagan, Lynn McElwain and Fiona McCaffrey Jones, and are in negative equity or in mortgage arrears. If it’s not banks putting up interest rates or the fear of mortgage lenders starting their cold calling again, there is always something to worry about as a result of the property crash.

“When we bought our houses we were able to pay the mortgages but in the meantime circumstances beyond our control have put us and tens of thousands of others in a similar situation,” said Fiona McCaffrey Jones.

“We know women who receive phone calls from mortgage lenders, which are solely intended to harass and cause stress. Even though they know the banks are doing this to wilfully cause stress and upset it is difficult to not be affected,” explained Paula Flanagan.

Monaghan Women’s Group wishes to draw a line in the sand and make it clear that they “will not be bullied or intimidated” by mortgage lenders.

They say they took out mortgages in good faith in a country whose financial institutions did not apply financial rectitude. As a result, they expect the mortgage providers to be humane and moral when dealing with anyone who needs to seek a deal, and will demand that …

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