18 April 2013 No Comments by The Northern Standard

How and by what means an effective ban on what was described as “begging” in the vicinity of the Post Office in Mill Street was the subject of some discussion at Monday night’s meeting of Monaghan Town Council.

Members again cited instances of people collecting pensions at the Post Office being subjected to pressure by charitable collectors in the area, and the view was expressed that some form of restriction should be imposed on the activities of those who come to Monaghan from outside the area to raise money for particular causes.

Correspondence from Garda Superintendent Noel Cunningham outlined action taken by the Gardaí to monitor the situation following previous representations from the Council.

It stated: “On four dates – 19th, 20th, 29th and 30th March – Monaghan Town was checked for begging/collections. On 19th, 20th and 29th March there were no begging/collections taking place.

“On 30th March Irish Kidney Association were holding a collection for donations at various locations in the town and had a permit to do so. A Romanian girl was selling the Big Issue on Mill Street and had a Big Issue I.D. Badge. There was no evidence …

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