5 April 2013 No Comments by The Northern Standard

dumping, and the wanton littering of town streetscapes, countryside areas and main roads came under a highly critical spotlight at Tuesday’s meeting of Monaghan Co Council.
During a briefing from Co Environmenal Officer Nial O’Connor on the implementation of the county’s Litter Management Plan, elected members gave full vent to their anger over the littering and dumping practices taking place across the county, with South Monaghan Fine Gael representative Aidan Murray branding the condition of some of the roads in his own electoral area “an absolute disgrace”.
“We have to do more and have greater surveillance,” Colr Murray urged. “It is costing the county a fortune.”
The meeting was told that Monaghan local authorities have to foot a bill in the region of €0.5 million annually to deal with discarded litter and waste.
Fianna Fáil’s Pádraig McNally said he would have a big issue with the fact that the Co Council had only one mobile camera in operation as part of their efforts to detect those responsible for dumping. He highlighted the high level of dumping going on in rural areas, and said he had been told that there were other counties which had between six and ten mobile cameras in operation to police this problem.
“I am waiting to see a real prosecution take place, and how it has not happened already is beyond me,” he complained, adding that if they had one or two high profile prosecutions they would have a lot less dumping going on as people would start looking over their shoulders.
“We should have cameras involved in ‘sting’ operations in areas just off the N2 where there is constant illegal dumping,” Colr McNally urged.
Highlighting the amount of litter which was being discarded on the N2, he advocated the Co Council organising a litter pick in this location every …

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