5 April 2013 No Comments by The Northern Standard

A section of farmers in Co Monaghan are being confronted with a financial crisis as they struggle to feed their livestock after last year’s wet summer and the poor weather conditions of early 2013, Tuesday’s meeting of Monaghan Co Council was told.

The need for urgent financial assistance to be made available through Government or EU grants to alleviate the difficulties faced by sections of the agricultural community was repeatedly emphasised during debate on a Fianna Fáil urgent business motion.

The banks were criticised by some members for failing to extend credit facilities to those farmers struggling to meet the cost of feedstuff.

Moved by Robbie Gallagher, the FF proposal called on the Government to introduce emergency measures to help alleviate the farming crisis facing many farmers throughout the country.

Colr Gallagher told the meeting that last year had been the worst in living memory for many farmers. Fields were flooded for months, meaning that livestock were housed for as far back as the end of August or beginning of September and fodder stocks were consequently depleted.

Spring had not come as early as many farmers had hoped, and as a result food supplies for cattle were severely diminished – cattle could not be put out to pasture as there was no grass in the fields.

“The county’s agri-sector has been going pretty well, and it is important that we do all in our power to protect the jobs there,” Colr Gallagher stated.

Seconding the motion, Pádraig McNally said that everyone who lived in a rural constituency knew well there was a serious problem regarding fodder. The crux of the matter was …

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