4 January 2013 No Comments by The Northern Standard

The Hive of Knowledge sculpture produced by participants in the Blacksmiths Festival staged in Monaghan Town in June 2011 will be displayed at a location in the Church Square area at the edge of the Monaghan Courthouse forecourt, the members of Monaghan Town Council were informed at their December meeting.
Visual images showing the sculpture’s planned situation and a report on the project were circulated to the councillors. The report stated that a small damaged tree would be replaced by the structure.
It also pointed out that artist Mark Keeling had two-three days of work to do, and was going to put a new coating of chemical substance on the structure to restore its colour. This work would be carried out early in February, and the piece should be installed by late April or early May, the members were told.
It was also stated that a descriptive stone circular slab would be placed underneath the sculpture stating that the Hive of Knowledge was created by artist blacksmiths at the International Forge held in Monaghan on June 23-26 2011.

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