20 December 2012 No Comments by The Northern Standard

People renting accommodation from local authorities will find themselves enmeshed in the net of the new property tax to come into operation next year, Monday night’s Budget Meeting of Monaghan Town Council was informed.
Town Manager David Fallon stated that the Council would have to pay the property tax on the dwellings in its ownership, and this would be passed on by tenants in the form of rent increases which he estimated would be in the region of €2 per week.
Fianna Fáil councillor Robbie Gallagher asked how the proposed property tax would affect local authorities, and if people in local authority accommodation would be obliged to pay it.
The Manager said that it was his understanding that the local authority would pay the property tax and pass it on to tenants. Based on valuation the amount tenants would have to pay could be in the region of €90 per year, and this worked out at €1.80 to €2 per week which would be passed on to tenants. This would be added to the weekly rent.
“Local authorities are not exempt from paying the local property tax and we must pay it,” Mr Fallon stated. “Tenants can expect it to be passed on.”
The Manager informed Sinn Féin councillor Sean Conlon that it was his understanding that the money raised locally by the property tax would not be retained by the Council but would be passed on to the Revenue Commissioners who were collecting the tax.
Colr Conlon said this entirely belied the notion that what was raised locally would be spent locally. He couldn’t let the issue go by without expressing this view, as the Council had discussed in recent times the need for …

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