9 November 2012 No Comments by The Northern Standard

People who had received household charge demands in error in Co Monaghan in recent weeks were given a forthright apology by Acting Co Manager David Fallon at Monday’s meeting of Monaghan Co Council.
Mr Fallon said he would apologise to people on the Council’s behalf if there was a mistake made. He said mistakes had arisen because the Council was working from a database that had been supplied to them.
The issue was first raised by P J O’Hanlon, who referred to representations he had received about letters sent out erroneously in relation to the household charge.
Co Mayor Hugh McElvaney said that people deserved an apology.
Colr O’Hanlon agreed that a public apology should be made – some people were very distressed by this.
Noel Keelan said a number of elderly people were very annoyed to get letters wrongly indicating that they hadn’t paid the charge.
The Acting Manager said that if people had received letters of demand by mistake, he would certainly apologise. He accepted that there was nothing as galling as getting a bill in the post that you had already paid.
“If people fell offended, I regret that,” Mr Fallon added.
Seamus Coyle said the household charge had been a shambles right from start to finish, and the issuing of these letters had really compounded the problem. It had made Monaghan Co Council look very foolish.
Colr Coyle said the finger needed to be pointed at whoever supplied the database.
Owen Bannigan said he accepted that the household charge had been handled very poorly. He was aware of …

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