5 October 2012 One Comment by The Northern Standard

The members of Monaghan Co Council were told on Monday that the €340,000 reduction in their Local Government Fund grant imposed as a result of the poor initial payment rate of the household charge in the county won’t be made good by the Dept of the Environment, despite the collection rate for the charge having risen to close to 65%.
Responding to question’s from Aidan Murray at the monthly meeting of the Council, Head of Finance John Murray said the Council had been informed by the Dept that if they achieved a 65% collection rate for the household charge there would be no further reductions in their Local Government Fund allocation, but they would not be getting the initial €340,000 reduction back.
However, Mr Murray assured the members that the Council’s Budget for 2012 was on target, and he didn’t foresee any problems in the Council meeting their Budget for the remainder of the year.
He added that the amount of rates outstanding in the county was probably the biggest issue the Council faced, bigger than the Local Government Fund reduction. He indicated that there was over €4 million in rates still outstanding.
Independent councillor Paudge Connolly expressed the view that an improved percentage collection rate for the household charge should have led to a rebate of some of the monies taken from the LGF grant.
Sinn Féin’s Matt Carthy said that the fact that the money was not being returned to the Council proved that the reduction had nothing to do with the household charge, and was just a cut.
Brian McKenna said that the amount owed to the Co Council in rates proved that businesses out there were obviously in huge difficulties at present.
The Head of Finance said that the trend of recent years indicated that the Co Council achieved something in the region of a 70% rates collection. He pointed out that the best time for rates collection was in the coming months of October, November and December. The Council had made a provision in its Budget for a €1m rates write-off, and while businesses were struggling he would perceive that they were in line for the collection rate achieved in previous years.
Mr Murray told the members that as of that morning 12,788 people out of 20,170 in the county had registered for …

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  • John Murphy said:

    Imagine what will happen next year when the house-hold charge/property tax/poll tax – is increased to an average of 700 Euro per annum per house-hold