5 October 2012 One Comment by The Northern Standard

Monaghan Co Council are to seek a meeting with relevant Health Service Executive personnel in order to ascertain the current state of progress with the primary care centre developments recently announced for Carrickmacross and Monaghan Town.
At Monday’s meeting of the Council, an urgent business motion from the Fianna Fáil councillors was adopted which proposed that, in light of the decision by Minister for Health Dr James Reilly to add 15 additional locations to the list of primary care centre projects, a deputation be sent to the HSE personnel dealing with these developments, and that the Council also communicate with the GPs in Carrickmacross and Monaghan in relation to the projects.
In moving the motion Pádraig McNally referred to the controversy around the addition by the Health Minister of additional primary care locations to the original list, and noted that the Minister’s main justification for this decision was to create an air of competition and urgency.
Colr McNally said he didn’t have an issue with this logic, as some of the primary care centre projects had been discussed three or four years ago with GPs. He felt it was particularly urgent that the Council send a deputation to the HSE to discuss this matter and ascertain exactly the position as the HSE saw it in relation to both Monaghan and Carrickmacross.
“It is very evident that, unless there is buy-in by local GPs’ practices, we could …

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  • John Murphy said:

    Dr James Reilly is the man to get primary care allocated in the right places