24 August 2012 No Comments by The Northern Standard

The Immigrant Council of Ireland has welcomed this week’s decision by authorities in Northern Ireland to hold a public consultation on outlawing payments for sex, describing it as a potential step forward in preventing sex trafficking in the Border region.
The N Ireland move “offers a unique opportunity for an all-island effort to put pimps, traffickers and other criminals out of business,” according to Immigrant Council of Ireland Chief Executive Denise Charlton.
The Council is one of 55 organisations which make up the Turn Off The Red Light’ campaign, seeking new laws in the southern jurisdiction to tackle sex trafficking issues.
Ms Charlton told The Northern Standard this week: “Laws are now being reviewed on both sides of the border, providing a truly unique opportunity to ensure that pimps, traffickers and other criminals associated with this trade will have no refuge on any part of the island.
“We note the tight timeline which has been placed on the Northern Ireland consultation with a deadline of 18th October and hope it will give added urgency to the process in the Republic where lawmakers are currently accepting submissions.
“Criminals and in particular those behind the sex trade ignore borders and do not see them as obstacles, by bringing the laws on both parts of Ireland into line we would be sending a powerful message that this industry and its exploitation is not welcome here.”
Ms Charlton thought it was important to note …

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