17 August 2012 No Comments by The Northern Standard

Calls are being made for improved aid measures for farmers in Co Monaghan as they begin to count the cost of the disastrously wet summer.
Fianna Fáil member of Monaghan Co Council Pádraig McNally claimed yesterday that the 50% advance of the Single Farm Payment promised for October “will not put one extra cent in farmers’ pockets”.
Calling on the farming community in the county to take stock following the rain-soaked conditions they have had to endure in recent months, the South Monaghan public representative pointed out that Teagasc had forecast soaring feed prices, and increasing energy prices, which would add to the tightening of margins caused by the difficult weather conditions.
“Falling dairy prices, added to the weather woes, will see income for the sector drop by 30%,” Colr McNally predicted.
“While cereal prices are surging, margins on tillage farms are in the balance and depend on improved weather conditions and harvest yields. The cost of feed is potentially astronomical as drought has devastated crops in the USA.”
The Monaghan Co Councillor said this must be the worst year on record as far as the summer weather was concerned, with land severely damaged on many farms.
“Farmers need to take stock of what silage they have available and its quality and calculate what is required in terms of winter feed and take action early,” he advised.
“Buying in fodder will be expensive, cattle prices may be low and there will not be an extra penny in assistance. Earlier payments to farmers does not …

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