27 July 2012 One Comment by The Northern Standard

After years of campaigning the opportunity has finally arrived to put people smugglers, pimps and criminals operating a sex trade in Monaghan and the Border region out of business.
The Dáil Committee on Justice is now inviting people and groups to make submissions on our prostitution laws with a deadline of August 31st. We hope groups, individuals and politicians from Monaghan and neighbouring counties will join us in seeking new laws.
These short few weeks represent the first real opportunity in years to bring about change and if we let it slip by it may not re-occur for decades.
We believe the core issue is to close a loophole in the law which allows payment for sex. It is a legal oversight which will come as a surprise to many people who may have believed that prostitution in all its forms is illegal in Ireland.
This loophole has allowed a sordid industry to flourish, with those responsible trafficking women into almost every part of Ireland, with many

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  • Steve Latenne said:

    Changing the laws isn’t going to magically eradicate prostitution from the border counties. If only it were that simple.