13 July 2012 No Comments by The Northern Standard

The dangers attendant to internet social networking sites if they are abused and used in bad faith were highlighted in the Lavey area of Co Cavan last week, when online posts about a so-called “Project X” party went “viral”, and attracted hundreds of unwelcome revellers to a quiet rural area.
Up on 600 would-be revellers descended on the locality on Friday evening and Friday night, in an episode that included some confrontations with gardai who had been alerted to what was happening.
But the event was kept under control, and no arrests were made.
It is understood that the incident began when a local teenager, whose parents were away, invited some friends for a “few cans”.
But someone reposted it as a big event, and when although this was deleted, it later reappeared, being advertised as a “Project X” party and eventually attracting the attention of thousands of Facebook and Twitter users.
The youth in question is believed to have called gardai himself when he realised that too many people were signalling that they would attend.
The term Project X comes from a US movie made last year, in which a teenage party goes totally out of control.
Hundreds of young people arrived in the Lavey area in cars, taxis and buses on Friday evening, forcing a large garda presence to erect roadblocks to turn people away from about 8pm onwards.
Condemning those who are attempting to organise uncontrolled events like this on social networks, a garda representative warned that prosecutions may be taken in future against anyone found to be responsible for posting such notices on the web.
The risks to personal well-being and property as a result of large crowds assembling in any area were pointed to, as well as the pressure on garda resources that results from dealing with these incidents.
It is understood that gardai in Cavan are also monitoring rumours of plans to hold a similar “party” in the Bailieboro area this weekend.

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