6 July 2012 No Comments by The Northern Standard

A 24-hour Garda operation to crackdown on speeding motorists will get underway tomorrow Friday from 7am until 7am on Saturday.
The objectives of operation “Slow Down” are to raise awareness of the dangers of inappropriate and excessive speed, reduce the number of speed related collisions and save lives on our roads, Gards Insp Pat McMorrow told The Northern Standard yesterday.
Based on collision data Fridays and Saturdays have the highest proportion of fatal collisions and July and August tend to have the greatest number of fatal collisions month on month. The objective is to reduce the number of speed related collisions and therefore save lives and reduce injuries on our roads. The aim of “Slow Down” is to remind drivers of the dangers of speeding, increased compliance with speed limits and act as a deterrent to driving at excessive and inappropriate speed.
Last year was a record year in terms of road safety, and this is reflective of how many drivers have changed their driving behaviour and drive according to the prevailing conditions. However, excessive and inappropriate speed continues to be a major contributory factor to road traffic collisions. The higher the speed the greater the likelihood of a collision happening, and the more severe the outcome. As a general rule a 1% reduction in average speed will bring about a 4% reduction in fatal collisions, and this is why reducing motorists’ speed is essential to improving road safety.
Tragically 96 lives have been lost on the roads nationwide so far this year in unnecessary …

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