18 May 2012 No Comments by The Northern Standard

“People should be aware of what is going on in their communities and be prepared to lift up the phone and ring the Gardai if they see suspicious activity,” stated Chairperson Mary Carroll at last week’s meeting of the Monaghan Town Joint Policing Committee when members discussed preventative measures that could be taken to counter robbery crimes in the locality.
Monaghan Community Forum representative Gavin Shipley said he knew someone who was recently a victim of a “creeper” robbery, where the perpetrators gained access to their house and took the keys of their car.
He stated that he had looked into this matter a bit further, and pointed out that an anti-snap cylinder could be obtained which when fitted to an outside door would ensure that the door remained locked even if an attempt was made to open it by thieves. He asked if the Gardai could conduct a form of public awareness campaign to make householders aware of this. It was a simple measure, but one that was very effective and inexpensive.
The Chairperson said that a lot of the prevention against crimes of this nature had to do with people looking out for …

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